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The Wyevale Garden Centre stands the test of time with its 150-years of service. They have provided the best quality products available in the United Kingdom for both professional gardeners and amateur green thumbs. Moreover, their service has planted the roots of the word “culture” from horticulture itself.

Although the centre changed its reins a while ago, it is still going strong. There are many reasons why Wyevale is still the heart of all gardening centres. And if you’re thinking about choosing Wyevale for your gardening needs – here are five reasons that put them on the map far above their competition.

1. They Have Centres All Over The UK

Wyevale Garden Centres pop up everywhere like wild mushrooms, so accessibility is definitely not a problem. The centres are situated all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton to fill your every gardening need. However, each centre shouldn’t be treated equally; some will give you exceptional customer service experience, while others will appear lackluster in that department.  Their website also provides online shopping for customers who can’t squeeze a shopping trip into their busy schedules.

2. They Carry A Huge Variety Of Products

Every homeowner needs that one-stop-shop for all their home tending needs, and Wyevale is the answer. They offer a comprehensive arrangement of products, so you know you will find what you need, whether for a gardening project or a total home make-over – it’s all there. At times, there massive stock of products can get a bit of confusing to the average customer, so we’ve broken down a couple of products and categories of goods that Wyevale offers:


Plants are the heart of every horticulturist, so it’s no surprise that Wyevale offers different kinds of outdoor and indoor greenery. They sell bedding plants, all sorts of bulbs and seeds, hedging, and fruit or ornamental trees.

They also have a variety of perennials and climber plants to offer a nice rustic touch to your house. Houseplants are also just around the corner – and if by chance you’re forgetful when it comes to watering your indoor plants, you can always get artificial ones here as well.

When purchasing plants from Wyevale, we suggest that you visit your local centre, instead of relying on their shipping, as it may cause damage to your delicate plants, ripping its precious foliage or completely off its stem. You should pick it up yourself, so you can keep your plant healthy and safe.


They didn’t stop at selling plants, though, because Wyevale also provides the necessary tools to make your gardening projects a total breeze. Compost and fertilizers, which are a must, are available at very reasonable prices. And tools for landscaping and lawn care are within reach as well.

Aside from the standard gardening accessories, Wyevale also produces different designs of pots and planters. However, they take pride in having one of the widest assortments of available products, so even the simpler bits of your gardening kit such as an apron and gloves are available.

Outdoor Living

Wyevale cares about the rest of your garden too, and that means all the backyard stuff – they carry everything you’ll need, from patio gear to tidbits that add a little flair to your outdoor areas. This is what makes this centre stand out from the rest. All the extra things that you need to make your green space a total gem can be found at their stores.

The best feature is that you can shop by theme! There are grills for your weekly BBQs, an outdoor heating system to cozy things up, and even water features for sale. Not to mention their collection of hanging baskets and the gorgeous gazebos they offer.

Home Goods

Of course, Wyevale doesn’t forget about the house either. There are all sorts of beautiful furnishings and accessories for sale in the home department. They also include exclusive fragrances to keep your house smelling like roses and coffee-table books to add a nice accent to your living room.

3. Everything Can Be Fairly Priced

Wyevale knows its people well, and so they understand that every customer wants the best quality for the best possible price. This makes Wyevale stand far above the fold against any other major gardening centre in the UK. However, their prices sometimes do not fair well against local garden shops, and it always best to price-match. In addition to that, their products are available at all times and to all customers, even non-club members.

Occasionally, there are price hikes in-store. You should keep a catalogue with you during your visit and any coupons on-hand. You’ll be able to dispute any prices if you find that your favorite flowers or garden set went up in cost.

Try to go during the winter months, as Wyevale will give significant discounts to clear out products. You may also find a good bargain at their reduced section, which is very competitive. We also suggest checking out their website for any weekly or monthly deals.

4. The People Are At The Heart Of The Centre

Wyevale cares about all of their customers and not only those who are willing to spend a few extra pounds to get the membership card. The Wyevale Garden Centre is a community-oriented shopping experience much more so than just a commercially-driven retailer. How so? They keep their customers, members, and staff at the core of everything they do!


Restaurants and food halls are everywhere in Wyevale, so you won’t have to worry about missing lunch while you’re doing your shopping. They have a freshly cooked breakfast served every morning up until 11:30 and afternoon tea packages for you and your friends. They also serve seasonal dishes such as their Winter Menu and the occasional special offers.

If you’re lunching with children, you can have your kiddie meal for free per every adult’s meal that you purchase. There are also indoor soft play areas available where your children can socialize with other kids, allowing you to do your shopping while keeping them occupied and entertained at the same time.

During the evening, as the centre gets crowed, so will the restaurant. The food service can take up to 35-minutes, leaving you frustrated and annoyed. You’re better off visiting in the morning; this way, you can purchase your gardening equipment while having a morning breakfast before you head back home. At specific centres, the food prices can also be very high, so watch out!

Regular Events

Wyevale keeps its community alive with its constant line-up of events. These events cater to all ages. For grown-ups, they have group afternoon tea sessions where you can unwind and relax. There is also a workshop called “Gardener’s Question Time” to fulfill your thirst for gardening knowledge.

Children, on the other hand, can take part in kiddie parties and seasonal food menus like the Easter Bunny Breakfast. They can also enrich their creativity through the Storytime Activity Workshop and the Little Seedlings Stories. Keep caution, though, as certain centres might not be running any events during the holidays, so it’s best to check online and keep track if anything is happening at your local branch.


If you head to their website, you’ll find that Wyevale also offers an engaging online Advice section. This is a unique space for articles answering all your gardening and home care questions, ponders and theories. You can learn about things like prepping your garden for spring, caring for your dog, and even fixing up a decorative bird feeder. They’ve really got all their bases covered! But, don’t forget about your small gardening blogs, they tend to go more into detail about planting and how to tend to your garden, especially if you’re a beginner and looking for a more advanced tutorial.

Member’s Club

Wyevale also offers a membership for those who are interested. What are the benefits? First off, a member has many money-saving perks such as collecting redeemable points for every purchase. Members also enjoy a lineup of regular exclusive offers that the general public doesn’t have access to. On top of this, they also receive money-back vouchers, among an entire suite of benefits and perks that would warrant an in-depth article of their own.

5. Excellent Service & Utmost Quality

Quick Delivery

Wyevale delivers a wide selection of their products throughout the UK for only 4.95 pounds. And all of the deliveries except for ones going to offshore islands will only take five working days or less.

Returns And Refunds

Wyevale wants you to be happy with your product, so they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you buy a product and change your mind, you can return the product with its original packaging and tags within 28 days of receipt. Your purchase will be fully-refunded after two working days at most.

Lifetime Plant Guarantee

Another interesting policy in their customer satisfaction guarantee is the impressive lifetime plant guarantee. They are confident that the plants they sell are of absolute top-notch quality. If you are unsatisfied with your plant, you can return them to Wyevale and exchange them free of charge. However, this guarantee doesn’t include indoor or patio plants, hardy, or half-hardy plants. It has become increasingly strict, requiring a photograph of the plant, as well as the order number. So keep that in mind not to throw away your receipt!

Pot Recycling Service

Gardening and caring for nature go hand in hand. Wyevale makes their contribution to the environment via their nifty pot recycling service. You can drop off any old and used plant pots at the centre, and they will make sure that your pots are repurposed and don’t end up in a landfill.

Dog-Friendly Policy

Wyevale loves all of its customers, and this includes all the four-legged visitors! Well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcome throughout the store, except for the restaurants. They even have dedicated dog drinking stations in case your pet needs a quick water break.


Wyevale stands far above the fold compared to other major gardening centres throughout the UK for a few very simple, but amazing reasons. They care about the products they sell, love their customers, and do everything they can to curb the carbon footprint that they’re setting. However, you shouldn’t depend on their pricing solely. There are occasional hikes in cost, so you should look into price matching at your local garden instead.

They also employ amazing staff members to ensure that you get the best experience during each visit and offer some of the best customer service policies out there. But, this does depend on which centre you visit and isn’t always the case for everyone. Their online support tends to be very helpful and quick to respond to customer inquiries, though.

When you visit Wyevale, you don’t only shop, you immerse yourself in a thriving experience that will help you and your plants grow!  Just keep in mind to purchase your plants at your local centre instead of home delivery to keep them healthy and safe from foliage ripping. You should almost always keep a catalogue on-hand and price match at your local garden, so you know that you’re getting the best deal possible.

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